Copywriting, Art Direction, Project Management, Graphic Design

From the River to the Sea — NWA For Palestine

As a result of the disturbing genocide of the Palestinians in October 2023, I was approached by NWA for Palestine to design a key visual for protest posters and t-shirts to advocate for the liberation of Palestine from colonization.

As Yousef Munayyer wrote in Jewish Currents, Palestinians advocate for “a state in which Palestinians can live in their homeland as free and equal citizens, neither dominated by others nor dominating them. When we call for a free Palestine from the river to the sea, it is precisely the existing system of domination that we seek to end.”

I’m against all systems of oppression and for the liberation of all people to exist freely without facing discrimination. The genocide happening in Palestine is horrifying and a human issue. This poster is in support of the voices of Palestinians who have been fighting against oppression of all kinds for years now.

This project was featured in Fonts in Use — a free pdf is available there for printing.
︎︎︎ Typefaces: Lifta by Omaima Dajani and Forma David Jonathan Ross

Saham Insurance — Move Forward

Saham Group is an important player in high-added value services in Africa: assistance, offshoring, health insurance and real estate. Saham acquired CNIA Saada in Morocco, a health insurance company, and wanted a film that unifies the brand under Saham’s name. The main idea of this film is simply to see people moving forward no matter what they are doing in their every day life, within a very engaging and dreaming atmosphere. The film was aired on TV and movie theaters. It offered a promise of a new beginning within the insurance industry. The campaign created trust, and made Saham Insurance the leading insurance company in Morocco.

Copywriter: Dina Benbrahim
Creative Director: Yanis Ayouch
Producer: Eric Poulet
Directed by: Norman Bates
DoP: Rik Zang

Absolut Vodka — Transform Yourself

In Morocco, the youth prefers to drink Belvedere. To reconnect with its target segment, Pernod Ricard wanted an Absolut Night. Absolut is, in fact, a well-established brand in contemporary art worldwide since more than 3 decades. In collaboration with Shem’s Publicité and four artists, this project has been thought as a unique piece of art, following its international campaign, Transform Today.

Transform Yourself is a metaphor that suggests freedom from the rules of society. Destiny doesn’t speak for anybody. We don’t know what tomorrow will be, and it is our personal duty to create tomorrow. It is what we do now that affect who we are, and what path we choose. Transform Yourself is a journey where, depending on which path we take, senses will be stimulated thanks to the unexpected, in order to end up with a different version of the self.

As a result, with Shem’s Publicité, Rachid Kallamni, Yasmine Laraqui, Jay Douzi, and Mehdi Khessouane, we imagined a “stimulation machine” designed as a human sized maze with visual and sound installations to offer this sensorial trip. Influencers were invited to go through a journey of electric information that calls for introspection, to own their future.

︎︎︎ Team
Art Director + Project Manager: Dina Benbrahim
Creative Director: Yanis Ayouch
Artists: Rachid Kallamni, Yasmine Laraqui, Jay Douzi, and Mehdi Khessouane
Event agency: Target

National Women’s History Museum — Manifesto

For the last twenty years, the National Women’s History Museum has served as the largest online cultural institution dedicated to US women’s history. As an institution, it has galvanized support for preserving, illuminating, and sharing the powerful history of women in America.

Now is the moment to help the Museum fully realize its mission—and become the first museum in any nation’s capital to show the full scope of the history of its women. Amidst the historic shifts currently taking place in the world, we’re missing stories and information about women that can help get us to the future. This internally published manifesto was designed to establish the museum as a physical space within the world and ground ourselves in who we are and where we’ve come from.

︎︎︎ Team
Designers: Dina Benbrahim, Sasha Veryovka
Managing Creative Director: Jessica Tillyer
Principal, Design: Sue Walsh

Renault Kadjar — Launch

When Renault Kadjar was first launched in Morocco, it was positioned as a vehicle of extreme sensations for adventurers. This positioning failed. With brand repositioning, the SUV’s communication shifted to being an expression of status, wealth, and success.

︎︎︎ Award
African Cristal Festival 2017: 1 Emerald craft film

︎︎︎ Team
Copywriter: Dina Benbrahim
Creative Director: Mohamed Oudaha
Managing Director: Hazem Kaddour
Directed by Matthieu Jorrot
DOP: Guillaume Lomprez
Production: Sigma