Research Principles

  1. Collaborative

    I am passionate about engaging in meaningful collaborations to move at the speed of our ever-evolving, uncertain world.

  2. Pluriversal

    I am dedicated to illuminating the power inherent within the multi-dimensional and historically overlooked narratives of minoritized communities to inspire individual and societal impact.

  3. Equitable

    I am motivated to use design as a tool to create more equitable futures.

  4. Self-reflective

    I always remain self-reflective about my own position in relation to power.


2024: Interview on teaching design history by Briar Levit in the book What it Means to Be a Designer Today: Reflections, Questions, and Ideas from AIGA’s on Design, edited by Liz Stinsons and Jarrett Fuller.

2023: Essay, Woven in Oral History: An Incomplete Taxonomy of Amazigh Symbols, in the book Centered, Edited by Kaleena Sales

2023: Essay, Woven in Patriarchy, in the book Feminist Designer, Edited by Ali Place

2022: Paper, Collective Dialogues on Motherhood for Feminist Futures, DRS Bilbao 2022 Conference Proceedings

2022: Interview by DHS Ambassador Alexandra Banister, Hidden Histories, Gender in Design, Design History Society

2021: Photo Essay with Kári Björn, Mama-ing, Visual Ethnography Journal.

2021: Contribution to the book Type Specimens: A Visual History of Typesetting and Printing by Dori Griffin

2021: Essay, Orientalist Posters on Morocco, a Call for Repair, Design Repository.

2021: Essay, Moroccan Design Stories, Beyond The Bauhaus, AIGA Dec.

2021: Double-blind peer-reviewed case study, Co-designing Meaningful Dialogues on Sexual Harassment, Temes de Disseny #37,

2021: Portrait interview, Diseño, justicia social y género, Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano

2021: Period glyph contribution to the Periods on Periods project by Rethink Canada,

2020: Review of Brando Arabic on Typographical’s Annual

2020: Essay, A Biased Typographical Collection of Tangier, in the book Our Morocco, edited by Lucas M. Peters

2020: Essay, What does a feminist graphic design history in the United States look like? Part 1–4, Alphabettes

2020: Photograph, Jaes, Type of the Day, Type on Earth

2015: Illustration, Chaos, Risha Zine 001

Awards. Grants. Fellowships.

2023: Type Electives Semi-Bold Scholarship, Display Type Design
2023: AIGA 365 A Year in Design, Social Design

2022: $10000 towards a DEI project, Walmart
2022: Design Writing Fellowship, Writing Space

2021: Feminist Future(s) Design Hackathon
2021: Against the Grain, design history fellowship
2021: A16 Design Award 2021, Student Award
2021: A16 Design Award 2021, Editorial Design
2021: A16 Design Award 2021, DEI Doing the Work

︎︎︎ University of Florida
2020: Calvin A. VanderWerd Award for Excellence in teaching
2020: $400 UF Research
2020: $400 College of the Art
2020: $200 School of Art + Art History
2020: $350 Graduate Student Council Grant
2019: Art+AH Director’s Award
2019: Harold Garde Award
2019: UF College of the Arts Outstanding Merit Award
2018: UF College of the Arts Outstanding Merit Award
2018: Phi Kappa Phi member
2018: Grinter Fellowship
2017: Grinter Fellowship

︎︎︎ African Cristal Festival 2018 — Flawlessness
Grand Prix Media / Press
Gold Press / Media
Gold NGO / Charity / Cause / Public Interest
Gold NGO / Regional Award

︎︎︎ Effie Awards 2017 — Flawlessness
Gold Social Good

︎︎︎ London International Awards 2017 — Flawlessness
Silver Social Influencer

︎︎︎ The Loeries Awards 2017 — Flawlessness
Silver Media Innovation
Bronze Tactical Use of Magazine
6 shortlists

︎︎︎ Cannes Lions 2017 — Flawlessness
Shortlist PR Social Influencer Communication & Amplification

︎︎︎ Dubai Lynx Festival 2017 — Flawlessness
Silver PR
7 shortlists

︎︎︎ African Cristal Festival 2017 — Flawlessness
Gold Regional viral film / Digital
Gold Regional viral film / Film
Gold social video / Digital
Sapphire media / Media
Sapphire Viral film / Film
Sapphire Viral film / Digital
Sapphire Media / Digital
Sapphire Regional / Media
Emerald best use of social media / Media

︎︎︎ African Cristal Festival 2017
Renault Kadjar — Master Your Success
Emerald craft Film