Thank you to all these incredible human beings for being my first students, changing my life, and rejecting old academic practices together. Spring 2018, University of Florida

Practicing engaged pedagogy

I see the classroom as a living organism that needs to be inspired and nourished by co-creating, with the students, conditions that promote a constellar and horizontal learning experience. This living lab is a feminist prototype to frame meaningful investigations, mutually learn from each other, and empower all to find a voice as independent leaders, transdisciplinary collaborators, and system thinkers.

Courses Taught

︎︎︎ Master’s Thesis Prep, University of Arkansas, Grads
︎︎︎ Human-Centered Design, University of Arkansas, Seniors
︎︎︎ Graphic Design Histories, University of Arkansas, Sophomores
︎︎︎ Identity Systems I+II, University of Arkansas, Juniors–Grads
︎︎︎ Typography III, University of Arkansas, Seniors
︎︎︎ Typography II, SUNY at Buffalo, Juniors + Seniors
︎︎︎ Design for Social Justice, SUNY at Buffalo, Grads + Seniors
︎︎︎ Design + Entrepreneurship, SUNY at Buffalo, Juniors + Seniors
︎︎︎ Visual Methods, University of Florida, Sophomores
︎︎︎ Typography I, University of Florida, Sophomores
︎︎︎ Design Studio, University of Florida, Continuing Education

Co-Facilitator of Design History, Hot Topics

With Briar Levit, we co-created and are co-facilitating participatory events that connect the past to the present in order to contribute to a pluralistic and conscious future of design. This experimental space, Design History, Hot Topics, is meant for students, faculty, and anyone curious about design history around the world—it is an invitation to dig deeper in design histories beyond the classroom.

Co-Facilitator of Seeking Plural Narratives

What do we teach? What do we leave out? How are students contributors of knowledge and leaders in society? How might we encourage design students to engage in inquiry-based research practices? What does an inclusive design history look like? In what ways does this research become a public resource for the community? Seeking Plural Narratives is a student experiment led by Lisa Maione and myself, that attempts to answer these questions. Research partners investigate, challenge, create and tell an engaging alternate narrative to the Eurocentric design and typographic cultures.

We discussed the process of this initiative at the AtypI 2020 conference.

Students compiled a book with their research that can be purchased on LuluThe book received three awards:
A16 Design Award 2021, Student Award
A16 Design Award 2021, Editorial Design
A16 Design Award 2021, DEI Doing the Work